Our Story

Bringing hues & Patterns to life

fabricstudio.in has its inspiration from diverse and rich heritage of our country. As the saying goes, “कोस कोस पे पानी बदले , चार कोस पे वानी”, as much as our languages are diversified, so is our Indian art and craft and we take pride in glorifying the same.

With fabricstudio.in we aim to bring the beauty of Indian textiles and fabrics, procured from different parts of our country on a single platform making it your one stop destination.

As learning is a never-ending process, we seek to never stop learning and keep ourselves open to more knowledge and improvements as we move forward in our path of growth.
We at fabricstudio.in are always looking for innovative ways to suffice your fabric needs.

We are more than just a Textile brand, we’re art lovers!!

We endeavour to keep alive the profundity of the great Indian tradition in each of our products. We target to portray everything aesthetic that can be imagined on a piece of fabric so that you can get the most authentic designs that you’ve never seen before. Block prints have been one of the oldest art forms of our country and definitely one of the most beautiful ones too. Creating the feeling of charm as one’s eyes get stuck on you. Our passion to give the finest quality suit sets has got us to this idea of a fabric studio, a textile house which produces every thread and every yarn with extreme dedication and love. We’re here as a platform giving the widest spectrum of colours, patterns, fabrics and variety. Go get exploring!!


‘Hard to Define’

Beauty is a relative term, we all can derive our own meaning from it. Some may say confidence is beauty while others may say elegance is, some may say inner beauty is real beauty while some may say a healthy lifestyle is real beauty. All the meanings sound perfect until someone is forced to fit into one of these notions. Asking anyone what is their perception of beauty, one general tone would be, to set you free from society’s notion of beauty & let you embrace the confident, fierce, gentle, humble, compassionate soul she is. To pass on the exact same feeling, our brand also indulges in hand-stitched suits, which provide both comfort & a feeling of love.


is Sustainable

Normalizing the opinion that the warmth of handmade clothes is unmatched. No matter how stylish or cozy machine-made clothes are, they can never match the comfort of handmade ones. One can feel the love & affection possessed by a hand-weaved garment. There’s a different contribution of a Handmade Outfit towards your aura & belongingness.

What Founder’s Orate?

Every Block Pattern or print has a story behind it which can be a usual thought of somebody over some point in time, considering me thinking about sweets or how about if I say I like owls. Bringing Imagination onto a piece of fabric is art too. What we exactly want to serve you is that connect of your thoughts with your outfits turning out to be an adorable combination to rule the markets over.

We have been in the textiles and fashion industry for almost a decade now, hence the knowledge and experience we have gained all this while is the greatest asset of fabricstudio.in. The love for Indian art and fabrics, the fascination of witnessing the threads turning into these beautifully curated fabrics and finally seeing the clients loving them as much, is all we are here for!

What keeps us steady on our journey is our love and appreciation for Indian textiles and artisans who work hard to deliver us these stunning fabrics. We believe in fair wages and giving the artisans their due credit for what they create with all their hearts.

Avinash & Sunita




The foundation stone of our company. Our Rule No. 1.


Our Customers are at the core of whatever we do.


We understand that there is no substitute it.